LHLS - Fighting Over the Streets: How Placentia Got Its Shape

Nov 03, 2015

Placentia, CA – Ever wonder what Placentia was like before you lived here? Have you seen the ghosts that haunt Tri-City Park? Maybe you’re curious why the Crossroads Shopping Center is part of Fullerton and not Placentia? The Placentia Library District and the Placentia Historical Committee are pleased to present a yearlong lecture series on the history of our great city - Placentia. Come and explore Placentia’s rich, diverse and sometimes wacky history through these fun and interactive local history talks. The programs are open to all ages, attend one or all sessions. No registration required.

Monday, December 7th: Fighting Over the Streets: How Placentia Got Its Shape

How did the area of farm land historically labeled “Placentia” become a legal city? How did it grow from a town less than one square mile to the city we see today? What were some of the major issues in defining the boarders of Placentia, and who in the area wanted to be in Placentia and who did not? These and other questions about how Placentia developed and why its boarders have their irregular patterns will be discussed, while showing the changing shape of the city at key times in its development.

The first Monday of each month is Local History Day at the Placentia Library!

December 7th: Fighting Over the Streets: How Placentia Got Its Shape
January 4th: The House That Bradford Built
February 1st: Love Connections: The People and the Marriages That Shaped Our City

This program is FREE to attend and sponsored by the Placentia Library Friends Foundation.


Monday, December 7, 2015
6:00 p.m.



Placentia Library
411 East Chapman Avenue
Placentia, CA 92870 



(714) 528-1906