Placentia Library Receives Grant from Placentia Community Foundation!

Jan 07, 2015

Placentia, CA- The Placentia Library District has received a $2,700 grant from The Placentia Community Foundation to digitize the Placentia Library Local History Room and Archives collection of VHS tapes, audio cassettes, and oral histories.

The Placentia Library Local History Room and Archives (PLLHRA) is a resource center for individuals interested in learning about the history of Placentia, California. The collection includes both historical and current information concerning the cultural, geographic, agricultural, economic, social, and political development of the Placentia area. Today, PLLHRA serves as the archives for the entire community of Placentia.

The Placentia Community Foundation grant, along with funds from the Placentia Library Friends Foundation, will be used to transfer PLLHRA’s historically significant collection of VHS tapes, cassette tapes, and oral histories to archival standard formats. The VHS, and Audio Cassette collections include: selections from the Placentia Place television program, tours of local historic sites and events, and the original recordings of Placentia’s oral histories. The technology used to capture the information contained in these collections has a limited life span, and priceless sound and image recordings are in danger of being lost. Without preserving the material in the Local History collection these valuable resources will be lost to future generations. When the project is complete the community will gain access to this irreplaceable information through PLLHRA, the Placentia Library District’s circulating collection, and the Placentia Library District’s website.

The Placentia Community Foundation solicits, receives, invests and makes grants of funds, property and other resources to provide direct charitable services to aid, sponsor, promote, advance and assist worthy activities, programs and services in the City of Placentia to further cultural, recreational, social, historical, and civic events and causes.


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